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  • RT @Comm_Matters: The University of Dundee @DundeeAAC are offering a new MSc programme which addresses the global need for professionals wi…

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  • RT 手机vnp的服务器怎么填: Communicating with patients who lipread whilst wearing a mask.. I hope you find this useful! 🙂😷🚑 #Communication 中国怎么上youtub

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  • RT @CALLScotland: We hope Shirley's tips on making Google Classroom a little easier for people with dyslexia and other reading / writing di…

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  • RT @abijames: have just published extensive guidance on making sure social media output is #accessible - useful for…

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  • Designing symbols that can work with other open licenced symbol sets. 只剩下门缝的VPN何去何从 - 手机新蓝网:2021-2-7 · “翻墙”属于违法行为,所谓的翻墙软件并没有获得电信主管部门批准。国内“翻墙”用户众多,根据市场研究机构Global WebIndex的调查研究估测,中国的VPN用户可能多达9000万。这也让一些游走在灰色地带的翻墙软件默默赚钱。“翻墙”软件又叫VPN软件。

    We have been having exciting times this summer setting up a series of AAC modules to introduce some of the ideas we have about making open AAC symbols accessible to all and to offer a voting system for localisation of some of the images that really do not fit some cultures and fail to represent AAC […]

  • Jellow, cBoard and Yuudee 2 update – more languages and evaluations. Tue, 13 Nov 2018 17:48:49 +0000

    In the last few months we have seen some very exciting updates appearing from the UNICEF Innovation Funded Jellow, cBoard and Yuudee teams. It has been so interesting acting as mentors and we have been working hard to connect up the Jellow and StraightStreet symbols to ConceptNet so they will soon be available on our site. The Jellow […]

  • Localised images to aid recognition – What about free localised AAC symbols? Wed, 08 Aug 2018 19:24:27 +0000

    Thanks to a note from Aejaz Zahid about an article on the BBC website we came across a wonderful example of how localised and personalised pictures can help those who find it hard to read or remember important items in their social setting.  The article reminds one of the  importance of knowing the local situation in […]

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